Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ and iPhone XS Max tested for durability (video)

Modern gadgets often fall intonon-standard situations where build quality and body durability play an important role. Researchers from the PhoneBuff YouTube channel have tested and compared the strength characteristics of flagship smartphones from the eternal rivals Samsung and Apple. The competition was attended by Galaxy Note 10+ and iPhone XS Max, in which Gorilla Glass 6 protective glasses were installed on both sides.

Testing took place in several stages withusing special equipment. In the first round, both devices fell from about the height of human growth onto the concrete surface with the back surfaces. As a result, both smartphones were covered with microcracks, which were significantly less on the iPhone XS Max. Smartphones worked after falling without visible delays.

In the second round, the fall occurred at an angledevices. After this stage, the Galaxy Note 10+ and iPhone XS Max received only deep dents on the edging frames, but this did not affect the operation of the devices.

The third stage was the fall of smartphones onfrontal surface. In this round, the South Korean flagship won. The screen surface in the Galaxy Note 10+ was covered with cracks, but this did not affect the operation, and the on-screen fingerprint sensor continued to recognize the user. Meanwhile, part of the surface of the iPhone XS Max screen covered with small cracks ceased to respond to touch.

According to the test results, the experts assigned the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ models as many as 37 points out of 40 possible, and the iPhone XS Max received 34 points. Both flagships showed excellent results.