Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ 5G is poorly adapted for repair (7 photos)

One of the most important technical characteristicsmodern smartphones is maintainability - the ability to easily and cost-effectively replace broken modules and restore the device’s functionality. The experts of the iFixit company, which specializes in analyzing the suitability of gadgets for effective repair, disassembled the new Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ 5G smartphone, evaluated its design features and gave a professional assessment of the device's maintainability.

The layout of the main parts of the smartphoneprovides for the upper location of the motherboard, which provides an increase in the space required for the battery. However, this arrangement requires additional loops connecting the motherboard and daughter board. At the same time, they block access to the battery, which is already difficult to dismantle, since the battery is firmly glued to the case. Specialists needed special equipment and a large amount of isopropyl alcohol.

For any repair of a Samsung smartphoneGalaxy Note 10+ 5G requires you to pre-dismantle a rather fragile glass from the back panel, which is also securely attached to the body. At the same time, frequent repair of the display requires either complete disassembly or replacement of half the phone.

Meanwhile, the modular design of smartphone partsallows you to quickly replace them, after overcoming the difficulties of dismantling the cover and battery of the Galaxy Note 10+ 5G. Another positive point is the use of Phillips screws of the same size, which requires only one screwdriver to be disassembled.

Experts note that the lack of a 3.5 mm headphone jack will lead to premature wear and the need to replace the USB-C jack.

As a result, the smartphone Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ 5Greceived only 3 out of 10 points according to iFixit experts in the maintainability rating, which characterizes the repair of the gadget as a possible, but time-consuming and complicated process.

Source: ifixit