Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ 5G breaks out in the leaders of the DxOMark tests (3 photos + video)

Almost immediately after the presentation of the smartphoneSamsung Galaxy Note 10+ 5G, experts of the popular resource DxOMark evaluated its technical characteristics. The test results put the Galaxy Note 10+ 5G in the ranking leaders with a total score of 113 points (photography received 118 points, and video shooting - 101 points).

When testing technical capabilitiesWhen photographing, fast and accurate autofocus, a low threshold for visual noise, and clear color reproduction for most shooting conditions were noted. The correct exposure setting is noted, both for outdoor shooting and for photographs taken under artificial lighting. Traditionally for Samsung, the bokeh effect with a good blur gradient is excellently implemented. The pluses include excellent detail and good quality flash photography.

Among the minuses, testers note the presence of artifacts, aliasing, and the loss of some local details. Accusation was also caused by random errors in determining the white balance.

For video, experts note excellent detail and noise filtering for both indoor and outdoor shooting. The camera showed excellent reaction in determining autofocus.

The front-facing selfie camera Galaxy Note 10+ 5G also showed results worthy of the leader. The integral score was 99 points (103 points for the photo and 93 points for the video).

Full testing with sample photos can be found here: dxomark