Samsung Galaxy Fold Foldable Smartphone Passes Strength Tests (video)

Raising many questions to reliabilitySamsung's folding smartphone after a hasty design update went on sale and, despite the high price, it still demonstrates excellent sales performance. The advanced design of the Samsung Galaxy Fold also showed a significant improvement in strength characteristics, but it left some unresolved problems.

YouTube JerryRigEverything Expertstested the Galaxy Fold model for durability and, according to the results of which it became clear that design improvements significantly improved the reliability of the smartphone.

4.6-inch outdoor display withThe test for surface resistance to sharp objects showed the standard for modern smartphones indicators: you can scratch the surface, but you need to make an effort.

Meanwhile, the main screen with a diagonal of 7.3 inches,the design of which is designed for bending, damage with sharp objects is much easier. By coating with a special polymer layer, the display is easily scratched even with a fingernail.

Unresolved hit prevention probleminside the smartphone dust and foreign particles into the gap formed at the place of installation of the swivel. However, foreign objects do not affect the operation of the Galaxy Fold.

Also with honor, the surface of the folding screen passed the test of fire. With direct contact, which the testers conducted several times, the screen remained unscathed and continued to perform its functions.

Experts subjected a bending screen to a hardbend test in the opposite direction, leaving it unbent for a long time. The screen remained intact, but the case at the mounting point of the antenna cracked.

Meanwhile, exposure to sharp solid objects,type of knife had a critical impact on the main screen. In case of accidental contact of a knife of one of the experimenters with the upper surface of the screen, he completely lost his sensory abilities.