Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro (SM-R510) TWS Noise Canceling Headphone Review

Contents of delivery

  • Charging case
  • Charging cable
  • Instruction
  • S/M/L silicone eartips (one already
    installed on headphones)


  • Colors - dark gray, white, purple (Graphite, White, Bora Purple);
  • Headphone dimensions - 19.9 x 21.6 x 18.7 mm (w x d x h), weight - 5.5 grams;
  • Case - 50.1 x 50.2 x 27.7 mm, weight - 43.4 grams;
  • Three microphones - two external, one internal;
  • Two speakers - woofer, tweeter;
  • 24 bit sound;
  • IPX7;
  • Active noise cancellation;
  • Bluetooth 5.3;
  • Accelerometer, infrared sensor, Hall sensor, compression sensor, touchpad, Voice Pickup Unit;
  • Battery - 61 mAh, operating time - up to 3.5/4 hours of talk time (with and without noise reduction), up to 5/8 hours of music playback via Bluetooth;
  • Battery in case 515 mAh, 2.5 headphone charges;
  • 5 minutes of charging gives up to an hour of music playback;
  • Qi wireless charging;
  • USB Type C, 2.0;
  • Voice prompts in Russian;
  • Compatible with any Android smartphone version 5 and above, headphones work with any device; iOS10 and newer from iPhone 7;
  • Additional audio codecs – Samsung Seamless Codec HiFi (Samsung Proprietary), SBC, AAC;
  • 360 Audio, Dolby Atmos;
  • Audio transparency, broadcasting surrounding sounds when listening to music.
  • Headphone search function, both in the charging case and without it;
  • Buds Toghether function, sharing music with friends;
  • Microsoft Swift Pair support;
  • Game mode (reduces audio latency during games);
  • Use as a wireless microphone for Samsung smartphones with OneUI 2.5 and above.

The first Buds Pro appeared a year and a half ago andbecame a kind of revelation, in terms of price / quality ratio, these are one of the most interesting TWS headphones, and in terms of content and, most importantly, in sound, they have become a standard at all. Despite the lack of an iOS app, many iPhone owners bought them for their sound, although such a pair looks amazing to say the least. Nothing has changed with iOS, most of the capabilities of these headphones are revealed on Samsung smartphones, other manufacturers and models cannot unlock the potential of their sound.

Consistently used Buds Live, Buds Pro andBuds2 Pro, my choice is the latter, although they definitely take some getting used to. We’ll talk about prices at the end, but voluntarily or involuntarily I will compare them with the previous Pro model, since it is on sale and the choice is not as obvious as it might seem.


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Headphones are an individual thing, each of us hasthe structure of the auricle, a single and universal solution simply does not exist. If possible, you need to try on the headphones, see what they are like. It is difficult to rely on someone else's reviews here, after all, this is an individual story. For example, it took me a long time to get used to the Buds Pro, initially they were uncomfortable for me. The ergonomics of the Buds2 Pro are completely different, they are noticeably better for me. But it was necessary to change the silicone earbud, the default one turned out to be too small, the headphones dangled a little in the ear. They could not fall out, but the passive soundproofing was worse than necessary.

Same as previous model, supportedIPX7 standard, that is, headphones can be dropped into water and nothing will happen to them. The downside of water protection is that the design is de facto unrepairable at home, it will not be possible to replace the battery, it was possible on previous models. In any case, most buyers will definitely not do this. How important it is that the headphones do not drown remains an open question, but for the pool this is a handy feature. Swim on a mattress, listen to music (you can’t swim in these headphones, they are not designed for this). The cover does not need to be dropped into the water, it does not have any protection against moisture.

The charging case of the headphones remained the samesize, it is quite pleasant. But here we are faced with the first feature, it was made velvet. Headphones are available in three colors - black (graphite, I have such), white and purple.

Body finish in white and blacksoft touch, it collects dust well. But such a case looks, of course, very nice, and it feels good to the touch. It is a pity that over time the coating will be wiped and scratched.

From a case unusual in ergonomics, I had to accustom myself to hide the headphones for a couple of weeks, since sometimes they unfold in the case, do not go in completely, it is impossible to close the case.

But in general, complain about the appearance of the case orheadphones is impossible, everything is fine here. The headphones themselves stand up like a glove (I liked the ergonomics much more than the previous model). They are held securely and do not fall out of the ear. Due to the fact that the headphones are recessed a little deeper, you need to adapt to pressing the touch panel in them, again, a difference compared to the previous Buds Pro.

Deep landing provides excellent noise isolation, headphones cut off external noise better. They got louder, and often you don’t even need to turn on noise reduction, they work so well.

Deep landing has a downside, andprecisely work as a headset. Headphones perceive sound worse on a noisy street, the voice stands out, but if you speak quietly, then the interlocutor hears boo-boo-boo. There was nothing like this in the previous model, they were excellent as a headset. It is also worth noting here that I have not found any mention of the bone conduction sensor, which was in the previous headphones. There, when the microphones could not cope, the sound was read from the bone, the interlocutor heard a little digital voice, but this made it possible to speak in the noisiest conditions. This is not here, I tried to speak in different conditions, I have to strain my voice - the design was clearly simplified.

With noise reduction they conjured once again,it differs from the Buds Pro, and in a rather curious way. The noise of the city, in particular, cars, is no longer cut off, it is heard in the background, loud sounds, such as horns, break through the music or podcast. There is no complete isolation from the environment, but inside the transport, sounds, on the contrary, are cut off. This is exactly the setting that the engineers made so that users could hear the noise of the street, could not get under the wheels. In the quiet time of the day, the cutoff is almost complete, including when you ride a scooter or a bicycle, there are no cars nearby. Someone will complain that this is unfair and I would like full noise reduction, but within the framework of an apartment it is just that. On the streets, where dangerous situations can arise, it does not work that way. I will make a reservation that the increased volume allows you to twist the sound so that you will not hear anything. Unlike the Buds Pro, I listen to these headphones by about 75-80%, a higher volume level in most situations is not so comfortable.

Sound transparency can be set toby pressing the earpiece, or you can turn on the automatic detection of your voice, then the music is muted and you hear the world around you. The transparency level in the settings can be adjusted, which is nice.

I don't have automatic voice detectionI like it, because when set to 5, 10 or 15 seconds, the music turns off. Headphones can even react to the fact that you sing along, mumbling something under your breath. So I disabled this feature.

The headphones have voice commands (you can use themaddress directly by voice, for example, ask to pause the music). Alas, this feature is implemented only for countries where the Bixby voice assistant works, Russia is not one of them. Therefore, voice functions are not applicable here. But you can call the Google voice assistant by pressing the earpiece and talk to it.

It's time to talk about the operating time, but let's start with the charging time of the headphones.

Time, minutes Wired charging (case / headphones),% Wireless charging (case / headphones),%
15 9/43 4/45
30 20/65 9/66
45 30/80 17/80
60 40/87 26/86
75 50/100 40/100
90 68/100 55/100
105 86/100 70/100
120 94/100 85/100
135 Full charge in 135 minutes 96/100
Full charge in 145 minutes

The operating time is typical for such headphones - 3.5 hours with noise reduction (was 4 hours), four without it. In the music listening mode, respectively, 5/8 hours.

Wireless charging case (Qi). But the headphones themselves get at least an hour of work in 5 minutes of charging, which is quite good.


Vladimir Nimin

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It's time to talk about the application and setting up headphones. They can work with any smartphone with Android 5 and 1.5 GB of RAM, as well as iPhones running iOS 10 and higher (starting from iPhone 7).

To work with headphones, you need to download the Galaxy Wearable application, in which you can set up headphones, control equalizers. Synchronization occurs almost instantly.

In the "Lab" section, there is an improvement in the settings for games, when the delay becomes minimal, which allows you to comfortably play.

The set of codecs is typical here (AAC, SBS), but alsoSamsung's new Seamless Codec HiFi has arrived. It is proprietary to Samsung, supported only on the company's hardware, you will not get it with smartphones from other companies. Here we are dealing with Hi-Fi sound (24 bit), it is well audible during operation. I compared the same songs on the iPhone 14 Pro and Galaxy Fold4, the sound is strikingly different, it is better on Samsung. This is another reason why you should choose these headphones for use with your own smartphone, you can unlock their potential. With the AAC codec, they sound good, but nothing more.

Exaggerate the value of the new codec is definitely notworth it, it does not sound fundamentally better than the same LDAC, the initial sound quality of the composition is important (for streaming, it does not play a role at all, you will not hear bright differences).

Headphones definitely play very differently thanthe first Buds Pro, but a different sound picture does not take long to get used to, very clear sound, wide possibilities, bass, which can be made brighter in the settings. The headphones are a success in terms of sound, although it is difficult for me to decide which is better, the first or second Buds. Like both of them.

Of the other chips, I note Audio 360 (Dolby HeadTracking), in the settings you can enable this sound (on devices with OneUI 3.1 and higher). This is another equalizer that works well with compositions created for surround sound, such as those found on a number of streaming services.

I set the headphones so that noise reduction works by default, on the right I turn on / off noise reduction. Pressing the touchpads does not cause problems, blindly everything is fine.

In the bottom line, I will say that the headphones sound great, they are good.


The price of headphones with parallel imports is about18 thousand rubles (last year the first Buds Pro came out at the same price), on the gray market they cost about 13 thousand rubles. I bought them in Dubai, they cost 10 thousand rubles, which is a very nice price for such a device,

На российском рынке есть предыдущие Buds Pro, их с легкостью можно найти за 10 тысяч рублей, и это очень неплохая стоимость для таких наушников. Первые Buds Pro заметно лучше в качестве гарнитуры, для обновленной модели это стало испытанием, в шумных местах вас не всегда слышат (на уровне других моделей, что печально). Звучание у каждых наушников свое, сравнить напрямую их нельзя, хороши и те и другие, запас громкости выше у вторых. Но и меньше время работы от одной зарядки.

Other little things are not so important, although you may be onpay attention to them, they are indicated in the text. Those who own Buds Pro and haven't worn them out yet should wait and upgrade to new ones when the need arises. If it is absolutely unbearable, the means allow, then it can be done much earlier. The updated model turned out to be very interesting, and for me it is again the benchmark against which I will compare all other headphones of this class. For example, a comparison with the second generation AirPods Pro is coming soon, but I can say that the Samsung headphones look better, as well as sound very different. Samsung Galaxy Buds Live (SM-R180) TWS Noise Canceling Headphone Review

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