Samsung Galaxy Buds - Headphones in Galaxy Note 10 tone

Together with the Galaxy Note 10 smartphones, Samsung will present a number of new accessories. And finally, someone thought that you can paint not only smartphones in different ways.

Samsung Galaxy Buds in Aura Glow

Fresh coloring wireless in-ear headphonesSamsung Galaxy Buds makes the gadget a pretty specific thing. Probably, such a decision will alienate the male part of the audtorium, but for it there is an alternative color scheme. And the young ladies should like it - they really look like costume jewelry, and in tune with the corresponding coloring of the Galaxy Note 10 fall.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 in Aura Glow

There are yellowish.

Technically, the new version of the headphones has not changed. The price of Galaxy Buds in the color of “Aurora Glow” or yellow color is unlikely to differ from the standard black version - 149.90 euros.


Tatyana Kobelskaya