Samsung Galaxy A90 with a sliding selfie-camera: side or center?

One usually well-informed about what is happening in Samsung, a Chinese source said that the company is preparing a smartphone with a retractable selfie camera.

According to reports, a new type of devicewill appear in the Galaxy A line - in the face of the Samsung Galaxy A90 model. By defining a camera in a module that is hidden from view, the creators of the smartphone will be able to give it a classic, undisturbed screen surface - without holes and cuts.

Based on this news already drawn render. To believe that in the picture A90 in the very form in which it appears on the counter is not necessary, the artist obviously worked on a whim, otherwise why would there be two options for placing a sliding module? It is curious that the triple rear camera was decided to be centered - for the Galaxy A line, this is not typical.

At the same time, the fantasy of the creator of the render gave the model a screen with a built-in fingerprint scanner. In principle, nothing contradicts.


Tatyana Kobelskaya