Samsung finances startup SunnyFive, who developed a lamp that simulates sunlight (video)

Solve the problem of human influenceartificial lighting will help the development of the SunnyFive startup, which created a lamp that mimics an ordinary window and emits a luminous flux in a spectrum similar to the spectrum of natural sunlight. The effectiveness of SunnyFive's development is confirmed by the support of the project by Samsung C-Labs startup incubator.

It is known that by its characteristics, productsSunnyFive resembles the lamps used in light therapy to treat Depressive Affective Seasonal Disorder (SAD) leading to sleep disturbances and general psychological exhaustion caused by sunlight deficiency. SunnyFive lamps solve this problem by emitting light in a full range of natural light. In addition, fixtures are developed in a design similar to standard apartment windows.

Another highlight of SunnyFiveis the ability to program illumination, which allows you to simulate a change in the angle of incidence of sunlight when changing the time of day. Artificial SunnyFive windows will even create a feeling of morning sunrise, daylight, sunset and twilight even in a room completely closed to the Sun. Using a special application that changes color temperature and brightness will allow you to simulate the changing seasons. Also, the function of a gentle alarm clock is easily integrated into the lamps.

Samsung sees broad prospects forof the project and declare that the technology used in the SunnyFive fixtures allows a person to synthesize vitamin D without even going out into the open space illuminated by the Sun. In addition, the light from SunnyFive lamps does not harm health, does not cause sunburn and does not provoke skin diseases and premature aging. According to Samsung representatives, the luminaires will be integrated into the SmartThings proprietary intelligent system.

The use of SunnyFive lamps is especially important inat present, when the coronavirus pandemic requires reducing the time spent outdoors, in order to comply with the social isolation regime. The use of SunnyFive will reduce the psychological negative load and make self-isolation more comfortable. Also, the use of SunnyFive windows will be useful for installation in the Doomsday bunkers, which are equipped by supporters of the theory of an impending global catastrophe.

There is currently no specific information about the time it takes for artificial windows to enter the market and about their future value.

Source: theVerge