Samsung eliminates annoying Bixby button flaw

Samsung has officially confirmed the possibility of reassigning the button that launches the Bixby voice assistant in all flagship smartphones in the Galaxy S10 line.

With their help, you can assign to the hardwarea key to call a virtual assistant to execute a programmed action or open any application. It can be noted that the manufacturer finally met the wishes of users.

But there is in this story and a small nuance. The launch of the selected application (for example, YouTube, Instagram, browser, mail, and so on) will be carried out by double pressing, while single pressing will still be called Bixby. You can do it the other way around: by single - the selected application, by double - by Bixby. By holding the key, the branded voice assistant will be launched again. Other scenarios have not yet provided.

A new option will fix one of the mostcommon inconveniences for owners of the latest generations of smartphones in the Galaxy line. If the user likes Google Assistant more, or he simply does not use assistants, then by pressing this key, the person can now open the applications that are really necessary for him. Until now, third-party solutions had to be used to reassign Bixby.

Unfortunately, a useful and long-awaited innovationavailable only for anniversary innovations, there are no changes for Galaxy S9 series phones and Galaxy Note9 with the installed firmware One UI.