Samsung Digital Cockpit 2021 car smart cockpit system presented (5 photos + video)

Since the first presentation at CES2018, Samsung is continuously improving the car's Digital Cockpit. At the presentation of the next Digital Cockpit solution in 2021, the developers identified the main directions for the introduction of digital technologies into the control and entertainment systems of the car, striving to make long journeys more comfortable and safe.

The development of the Digital Cockpit 2021 takes into accountSamsung Electronics engineering achievements in telecommunications, semiconductors and display technologies; and HARMAN's expertise in the automotive industry. One of the main tasks that the developers solve is to simplify the process of working with a system that can provide entertainment during a long trip in the car.

The Digital Cockpit 2021 will includeseveral monitors are involved, including a large 49-inch QLED display located in the dashboard, several smaller monitors for rear seat passengers, and an outdoor screen that provides warning information for pedestrians.

The screens of the smart digital cockpit will displayinformation from four outdoor video cameras is displayed, allowing to identify moving vehicles, road signs and pedestrians. The screens can display video conferencing, news or weather news, and send notifications from smartphones. The screens can be used for watching video content or playing video games.

New Automotive Samsung Health featureanalyzes the health status of passengers before boarding and regularly monitors the stress level of passengers, lighting, a complex of smells and music in the car. In addition, the sleep patterns of passengers and the driver are analyzed. By capturing eyelid movements, Samsung Health ensures that the driver is awake and does not fall asleep while driving.

In the center of the steering wheel, where mostcars are equipped with a signal horn, the Digital Cockpit has a screen accessible only to the driver. Now, instead of using physical buttons to beep or turn on turn signals, the driver can use the 8.8-inch LCD touchscreen display. The Creator Studio function will allow you to quickly edit photos and videos in the car.

The Digital Cockpit 2021 works undermanagement of Android and Linux operating systems. The hardware part of the system runs on a proprietary Samsung Exynos Auto V9 processor with an integrated 5G modem (up to 6 GHz and mmWave). There is GPS and Wi-Fi. The Qualcomm 5G modem and special outdoor antennas will help to increase the efficiency of working with the Internet, providing high speed data transfer even when the car is moving.