Samsung conceived to release a smartphone with a removable lens (7 photos)

In recent years, we have seen the racemanufacturers to introduce into smartphones the largest possible number of modules for both the main camera and the front camera. The leaders of this unofficial competition can now be called: Nokia 9 PureView with a main camera of 5 sensors, Samsung Galaxy A9 (2018), as well as Honor Magic 2 and Samsung Galaxy Fold. Most likely, very soon we will see more monstrous flagships. However, the Korean giant Samsung decided to look at the experience of mirrorless cameras and take from them one of the advantages for their future smartphones.

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As it became known, Samsung filedapplication for another patent, which describes a hybrid mobile device with an unusual design. Most likely, we are talking about a folding device like the Samsung Galaxy Fold. having folds in two places. The main "trick" of development is the presence of two cameras: removable and built-in. For the first one, we have provided our own slot (shown in figure in Figure 41), separately indicated on the sketch. As experts have noted, this slot is suitable not only for attaching other lenses, but also for installing a smartphone on other objects, for example, on the steering wheel of a car or bicycle. The option is relevant when shooting video and photos while driving.

In addition, the smartphone can be fixed asso you can see the navigation map or something else from the display of the gadget. However, there are concerns that using such a device would not be very convenient. A removable lens should make the gadget bigger and heavier, however, the options for attaching high-quality optics may be much more, which ultimately finally remove mirrors and similar cameras from the market.

Technical characteristics of the possible apparatus have not yet been announced. Perhaps the patent will not see the light at all in the form of a finished commercial product.