Samsung blocks TVs purchased on the "gray" schemes (2 photos)

Technology giant from South Korea has acceptedcontroversial decision to restore order with sales of television branded equipment. Complaints of customers appeared on the Internet, noting that on TVs purchased outside the country in which they will be used, some functions were blocked.

Users from Russia, Ukraine, Moldova and otherneighboring states note that on the screens of television receivers a message began to appear about the restriction of certain functions in this region: “This TV is not fully functional in this region” (This TV does not function fully in this region).

According to representatives of Samsung, the companybegins to implement a new policy to combat the "gray" distribution circuits of televisions, which are operated outside the country where the device was purchased. The blocking of certain Smart-TV functions in Samsung TVs began in the winter of 2020. However, detailed instructions on circumventing company restrictions have already appeared on the network, which states that the TV must be connected via Wi-Fi connected to an intermediate European server.

It is noteworthy that such a restriction affectedRussian users who purchased Samsung TVs in Russia, but not in the official store. As a result, the device received limited functions that were blocked by the manufacturer.

In the official commentary of the RussianSamsung representative noted that the appearance of a message about the limited functions of the TV indicates that the device is manufactured in a different region and does not always comply with Russian specifications.

It is noteworthy that such a condition is discussed inuser instructions. Therefore, you should carefully study the suppliers of products and use only licensed authorized Samsung dealers to get the full functionality of branded TVs.