Samsung is working on a camera for smartphones with a resolution of 600 megapixels (2 photos)

First official announcement of developmentSensors capable of competing with the human eye were made by Samsung representatives at the end of April this year. Upcoming Samsung sensors will receive 600 megapixels, while human vision is limited to 500 megapixels.

Now, at the end of 2020, there is alreadyunofficial information about the super-powerful sensors at 600 megapixels, which are actually being developed at Samsung. The statement was posted on Twitter by one of the Ice Universe's most informed insiders, whose information is often true.

The post also provides a rendered smartphone withcamera equipped with a sensor with a resolution of 600 megapixels. Technically, such a camera will occupy up to 12% of the rear panel of a smartphone, and also, having a maximum thickness of 22 mm, protrude above the surface of the panel of smartphones, which are several times thinner.

As a result, based on the imageinsider and Samsung's April statements, it can be assumed that ultra-powerful sensors will be used on technological lines in production, in autonomous cars, in devices of the Internet of things, in drones and other devices.

To date, other information about the technical characteristics and the date of the presentation of the 600 megapixel Samsung sensor has not yet been released.

Source: UniverseIce