Sales of retro console Sega Mega Drive Mini postponed (video)

Sega representatives said they decided to postpone until next year with the release of a new retro console Mega Drive Mini. The manufacturer announced this model in the spring of 2018 at Sega Fes.

The novelty is planned to be delivered with a set of games preinstalled on it. What exactly will be included in this kit is not yet specified. In Japan, the release of the console was expected by the end of this year.

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According to company representatives, the announcementthe console attracted unexpectedly great attention from Western users. So it was decided to release the Mega Drive model for Europe and Genesis for North America along with the release in Japan. However, such a scale to master until the end of this year does not work.

Moreover, the authors thought about rethinkingdesign gadget. Work on this, working with the original team of creators Sega Mega Drive. There is support from the best software developers in Japan. The company is doing everything to achieve the quality heights awaited by fans of the legendary Sega.