Sales of electric cars in Russia increased by 65%

According to the analytical agency Avtostat, in the first five months of this year,

1119 new electric cars, this is 65% more thanlast year's sales numbers. As noted, the growth in sales of electric cars is observed against the backdrop of a catastrophic drop in sales of cars with internal combustion engines and a general decline in the Russian automotive market. However, according to forecasts, the growth in sales of electric cars will noticeably decrease in the near future, also because zero duties on the import of electric cars, which were valid until December 31, 2021, were canceled. Starting from January of this year, electric vehicles have been imported to Russia on a general basis. Tesla Model Y became the most popular model in this segment, 248 such cars were imported, Tesla Model 3 is in second place, 211 units were imported and closes the top three Porsche Cayman, which was purchased in the amount of 131 pieces.