S-400 missile system is being tested on American fighters (video)

Tests of anti-aircraft missiles delivered to TurkeyS-400 systems reached the next stage. During testing of radar tracking systems designed to detect, capture a target, conduct it and launch missiles, US-made Turkish Air Force F-16 aircraft were used as training targets.

The network got a video showing the flights of the F-16at various heights around the operating S-400 radar. For further testing and training of personnel, other types of aircraft will be used. It should be noted that the target detection range of the S-400 radars is in the range from 400 to 600 km, so aircraft do not have to fly in the line of sight of the complex.

S-400 complexes made in Russia wereacquired by NATO member Turkey, which caused US dissatisfaction with the supply of its Patriot air defense systems. Conducted demonstration tests of the S-400 using F-16 aircraft, may cause a response from the American authorities.