Russians will be able to make a purchase upon presentation of a person

Improve the reliability of the processtransactions and facilitate the process of purchasing goods will be able to identify the person by person, developed in the bowels of Rostelecom. The methodology will be integrated into the Bank of Russia Quick Payment System (SBP), which will free Russian citizens from the need to use paper money, credit cards and even smartphones.

Developers from Rostelecom assure thatthe function will be available both when making quick payments, and when linking to a specific bank card. When making a quick payment, the client may not have a card, and money will be directly transferred from his bank account.

In this case, the client must obtain consent touse of his biometric data from the Unified Biometric System when paying for goods and services. This information will be recorded and linked to his bank account.

The principle of work when paying with the systemface recognition will be similar to contactless payments. If the payment amount does not exceed 1000 rubles, the user only needs to identify himself by looking at the camera. Payment for more expensive purchases will be supported by a security code that the client independently installs in the mobile application.

Source: RBC