Russians who pay for purchases abroad through Alipay may be fined

Gift presented by Chinese paymentAlipay system for Russian tourists may turn into troubles with the tax service of the Russian Federation. Recently, Alipay announced the possibility of Russian citizens located in China to make purchases using the Alipay payment mobile application. Such payment is necessary in those stores that do not use payment via Visa, MasterCard or do not accept cash.

Such an innovation will greatly expandopportunities for Russian tourists staying in China. However, this method of payment can harm the citizens of the Russian Federation and lead to penalties from the tax authorities. The payment process through the Alipay system provides that at the time of replenishment of the account, the user opens a virtual card in Bank of Shanghai.

In fact, Russian tourists open currencyaccount, the existence of which must be reported to the tax service. Failure to comply will result in a fine. It should be remembered that the Chinese banking system already has an agreement on the exchange of information with the Russian tax service. Therefore, penalties when paying through Alipay can ultimately lead to financial losses.