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Russian scientists have created the world's most accurate atomic clock

Russian scientists from the Lebedev Physics Institute managed to create the world's most accurate atomic clock with a minimum error.

The watch was launched in the capital of Russia for severaldays ago. As the developers say, the error of readings is equal to one second in three hundred million years. The device of Russian inventors can be considered the most accurate in the world. In addition, the watch does not need to be wound. The dial of an atomic clock is a colored stripe of more than a million color divisions. By looking at them, you can find out the exact time down to a trillionth of a second.

Using a watch will improvea global positioning system using GPS and GLONASS, which at the moment give an error of up to three meters, determining a point in space for too long and wasting time on signal transmission.

The developers themselves are very proud of their invention, and domestic TV channels are already talking about watches.