Russian scientists have created a prototype of a quantum computer

Creation of the first Russian quantumcomputer becomes more real after the breakthrough made by scientists from the "National Quantum Laboratory". According to a statement made by representatives of the laboratory for the publication "Vedomosti", scientists were able to create a prototype of a quantum computer on a platform of 20 ions captured by an electromagnetic trap.

The representatives of the National Quantumlaboratories ”note that Russian science is currently lagging behind the leading world leaders in creating quantum computers by 7-10 years (IonQ and Honeywell companies work with 30 bound ions). However, after the creation of a prototype, a Russian quantum processor operating on superconductors, atoms and photons may appear as early as 2024, and the Russian-made quantum computer itself will start working in the next decade.

Currently, the main challenge facingscientists of the "National Quantum Laboratory", consists in carrying out on the created platform for computing and testing the algorithms of the future quantum computer.

Source: vedomosti