Russian robot FEDOR asked him to change his name and started Twitter

Let's face it - robots with everyonethe year they become smarter and very soon will take away most of our work. Especially they will be useful in space, because, unlike people, they practically do not get tired, do not require food and perfectly withstand radiation and lack of air. The Americans already have space robots that help astronauts inside the International Space Station. But did you know that Russia has such a helper robot? Until recently, he was known as FEDOR, but later he “asked” the creators to give him a different name and started a Twitter account. There he talks about what is happening to him - for example, right now he is preparing for the flight to the ISS scheduled for August 22.

The robot abandoned the name FEDOR and is now knownlike the skybot f-850. In his twitter, he talks about everything that is happening to him at the moment. Now the robot is only subscribed to the account of the Roscosmos State Space Corporation, which finances its development, and to its head, Dmitry Rogozin. According to Dmitry, the robot "asked" to change his name.

Robot Fedor changed the name

In its first post, the robot FEDOR mentioned (wedo we understand that his account is led by a man, not a robot?), that from now on his name is Skybot F-859. In the next message, he apologized for the mistake and wrote that his serial number was actually 850. He explained his mistake by typing the text during vibration tests, so he missed the right key and pressed the wrong place.

Hello! I'm a skybot F-859. For his - just Fedor. Now I am getting acquainted with the Soyuz MS-14 spacecraft control system, on which I plan to fly to # ISS on August 22, 2019.

- FEDOR (@ FEDOR37516789) July 23, 2019

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Skybot F-850 also said that he began to studycontrol systems of the Soyuz MS-14 spacecraft. It was inside him that on August 22 he was to fly to the International Space Station. To launch the spacecraft into Earth orbit, the Soyuz-2.1a launch vehicle will be used, which will be launched from the Baikonur cosmodrome (Kazakhstan). The robot, by the way, has already arrived at the rocket take-off site.

Space robot

Robot Skybot F-850, or FEDOR, is being developedScientific and Production Association "Android Technology". Work on its creation was begun back in 2014, but officially it was submitted only two years later. His appearance is very similar to a man, because he has a head and even two pairs of arms and legs. The developers claim that, if necessary, will be able to control the Luna-29 moon rover, the launch of which is scheduled for 2028.

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You can control the movement of the robot usingcontrol panel or a special exoskeleton - the mechanism can repeat all movements of a person. This begs the question: if the robot is completely dependent on people for the time being and does not know how to do anything on its own, how could he ask for a name change and start Twitter? Of course, all this is just a way to attract attention to the robot, but it would be better for the developers to surprise people with his ability to independently perform work. In the end, even robots from Amazon can deliver packages without the help of people, and a serious space robot to explore the moon at the moment without human support cannot even walk.

Inside the International Space StationThe astronauts will check how exactly this robot can be useful. In the future, they want to send him to the Moon, but before these developers it is important to equip him with artificial intelligence, so that he can independently understand what and how to do to solve specific problems. For example, he will have to control the aforementioned Luna Rover "Luna-29" and help the inhabitants of the lunar base. All this is only in the plans so far, but today the robot cannot even get into the hatch of a spacecraft.

What is there in the US?

NASA space agency is also developinghumanoid robot. Unlike the Russian one, it has no metal parts at all, but is an inflatable human figure. It is called King Louie (“King Louis”) and moves its arms and legs by supplying air into the inflatable bags of which it is composed.

Robot King Louie

Developers believe that the inflatable robot hasat least two advantages over peers. Firstly, it is made of cloth and rubber, so it is much cheaper than metal robots with lots of electronics. Secondly, due to its softness, he cannot accidentally injure people. It is possible that in the future such robots will be used in space stations.

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