Russian Railways tested an unmanned electric train

Recently, more and more attention has been paidthe development of unmanned vehicles. And if there are still many questions for the full use of self-driving cars (first of all, this is due to the rather dense city traffic and the difficult predictability of the road situation), then things are much better with rail transport that is simpler in this regard. Moreover, unmanned electric trains already exist in our country. For example, one of these transports passengers between the terminals of Sheremetyevo Airport. But recently, the Russian Railways went further and tested the first unmanned electric train in Russia.

Self-guided electric train developed by forcesengineers of Russian Railways on the basis of the Swallow locomotive. Within the framework of the International Railway Salon PRO // The EXPO movement on an experimental railway ring in Shcherbinka, Moscow Region, its work was demonstrated by Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Maxim Akimov and General Director and Chairman of the Board of Russian Railways Oleg Belozerov. The first test run was successful.

What we saw today is the resulta major technological breakthrough. Because this was done by the hands of our engineers, in our technical centers, by Russian Railways, together with a large number of different partners who delivered them. The assembly center here was OJSC Russian Railways. This is truly a technological step into the future, ”Maxim Akimov commented on his impressions of the trip.

Test run on the first Russian self-driving elektichka

For driving in automatic mode on“Swallow” installed special equipment to determine the position of the train, work with elements of the railway infrastructure, communicate with the dispatch center and detect obstacles along the route. When an obstacle is detected, the train is able to automatically brake. Moreover, train control can be “intercepted" at any time. From the cab this can be done by the driver. Also, such an opportunity is available to the operator of the control center. From there, control over the operation of unmanned trains and safety on the transportation route are carried out. The train is equipped with a complex navigation system that allows it to track obstacles and either overcome them or stop. During the tests, a mannequin was placed in front of the Swallow. The train first gave several warning signals, and then gradually braked.

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In the coming year, Russian Railways plans to conduct a series oftests for the development of motion technology in automatic mode under the control of drivers at the Moscow Central Ring (MCC). True test trips with passengers at this stage will not be. If the event is successful, the unmanned "Swallow" can appear on the rails of the same MCC already in 2021. Would you like a ride on a self-guided train? Write about it in our chat in Telegram.

Moreover, in addition to passenger traffic in Russian RailwaysThey also plan to develop cargo transportation, equipping unmanned navigation systems with cargo locomotives. For this, the rolling stock, infrastructure of stations and technological facilities is already gradually being equipped with special equipment for remote monitoring and traffic control.

In addition, the head of Russian Railways noted that notit’s worth worrying about the fact that automation will deprive people of jobs. According to him, the work of machinists will continue to be in demand, their functions will simply change. Instead of direct control, people will have to control the situation and observe the work of electronics. At the same time, they should be ready at any time to take control in case of an emergency.