Russian neural networks will identify drivers talking on the phone and write a fine

Russian law enforcement officers in the near future mayGet a system that allows you to remotely and impartially identify drivers who use the phone while driving. The neural network and road cameras using Big Data technology will help this traffic police.

Police plan to start testingsoftware fixing the position of the smartphone, as well as to identify the driver wearing a seat belt or not. Currently, the development of the system is at the initial stage of testing and obtaining the appropriate licenses. Developers should exclude the possibility of false positives and ensure the correct fixation of offenses.

The principle of operation is to fix the camera andanalysis by the algorithm of the location of the smartphone and the position of the seat belt. In case of violation, a fine is issued, which is sent to the driver by mail. There is also the possibility of appealing the decision of law enforcement officers if the driver was not the owner of the car. In this case, the fine is reissued as a real violator of the rules.

Source: Kommersant