Russian law enforcement officers will receive an official service to combat telephone scammers

The new state platform "Anti-Fraud" will appear by the New Year holidays in 2022. According to the press center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the development of a new application should be completed by December 25, 2021.

According to information provided by law enforcement officers,the cost of the project will amount to 44.9 million rubles. The contract for the development of a new platform was signed back in March 2021 and at the first stage required expenses in the amount of 62.9 million rubles.

The Anti-Fraud platform will be built intothe mobile application of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation and will be able to notify users about the threat of becoming a victim as a result of a fraudulent call from a number previously noticed in the commission of illegal actions. The user will also be able to create an individual "White List" in which he will be able to enter numbers that ignore the blocking of an incoming call. The corresponding application of the Ministry of Internal Affairs is already available in the AppStore and Google Play stores.

Source: tass