Russian heart monitor case for a smartphone will come to the aid of doctors and patients (5 photos)

Fight cardiovascular diseases inRussia with the help of modern, but already familiar equipment becomes insufficient. The rapid development of new technologies requires the use of innovative devices that can improve both the process of diagnosing the disease and the treatment at its different stages. The introduction of such achievements of modern technologies into medical practice was attended by the Shvabe Holding of the Rostec State Corporation, the First Moscow State Medical University named after IM Sechenov and the CardioKvark Company, which resulted in consultations and decision-making of which they signed a joint work memorandum.

Mobile CardioQVARK electrocardiograph -The embodiment of a number of advantages of the smartphone. Yes, and this device is made in the form of a cover for a smartphone. It is enough to attach your fingers to special sensors and the cardiogram is removed. To study the indicators obtained, you must enter the accompanying application.

The most important advantage of this device isthat it allows the patient to participate in the monitoring of the work of his heart, to take an ECG on his own at the right time for him to automatically send the results of such a study of his heart’s work to the attending physician and get an online consultation from him.

Three participants of the memorandum, Rostec, holdingShvabe and CardioQvark will manufacture such personal devices for online monitoring of not only the heart, but also the blood vessels. By agreement, the IM Sechenov Medical University will be engaged in the training of medical and technical specialists capable of working with such devices.

Use of a mobile electrocardiographCardioQVARK will be implemented in medical practice at the federal level. The telemedicine service will receive another technical innovation in improving medical services for the population of our country. Market development costs and implementation dates are not reported.