Russian electric car "Monarch" can be charged in 3 minutes. But will they release him at all?

Russian engineers are increasingly taking updevelopment of cars with electric engines and artificial intelligence. Most recently, the Bakulin Motors Group concern shared its plans for creating a hybrid all-terrain vehicle with the automatic driving system, and now the New Technologies of Siberia company has shared its plans - she assures that the electric car developed by her has no analogues. What is so special about him?

An electric car in development is called“Monarch”, and RUSNANO and a number of universities of Kazan, St. Petersburg and Novosibirsk are working on its creation. According to the developers, thanks to exclusive technical solutions, the car will have an automatic driving system and a battery charging in just 3.6 minutes.

Monarch car with a graphene battery

By "unparalleled" technologiesDevelopers mainly mean a graphene-magnesium battery. According to them, a kilogram of its mass accounts for seven kilowatt-hours of capacity, which batteries from competing companies cannot boast. According to the calculations of researchers, a new type of battery can fully charge in just 3.6 minutes.

In its structure, it resembles the commonlithium polymer batteries but, of course, completely different electrochemical processes occur inside. Developers see two ways to create graphene-magnesium batteries: alternating graphene and silicon plates can serve as the cathode, and lithium cobalt can serve as an anode. In the second variant, lithium cobalt is proposed to be replaced with cheap magnesium oxide - it is this type of battery that the developers apparently intend to use.

Advantages of graphene-magnesium batteries:

  • low weight, since the weight of one square meter of graphene is 0.77 grams;
  • high conductivity;
  • durability and water tightness;
  • safety for the environment;
  • high capacity, capable of reaching 1000 W / h per 1 kilogram;
  • easy repair

Other features of the Russian electric car "Monarch"

The developers claim that in addition to the batteryThe car has many other features. For example, on each of its axles, you can put electric motors with a capacity of from 100 to 150 kilowatts - you can implement front, rear or four-wheel drive.

Engineers are making sure that the chargethe battery was enough to overcome the distance from 500 to 1000 kilometers. Thanks to the electromagnetic suspension, the battery will be able to charge directly while driving, at the expense of moving parts, simultaneously performing the role of an electricity generator.

Also, developers mention the systemautomatic piloting, which will scan the road surface using ultrasound. About traffic jams, road accidents and weather, the car will be able to learn thanks to the connection to the Internet.

Will the "Monarch" on sale?

The release of the first car "Monarch" cost to4 million rubles is planned for 2021, but such a plan is in serious doubt. Most of the components of the electric car at the moment is at the stage of development and testing. Graphene battery is the most worrying thing - only the Spanish company Graphenano has announced the successful creation, and its version was charged in 7─10 minutes.

The developers themselves are confident that they will finish what they have begun.the end. In the presentation file, they stressed that Russian engineers have a lot of experience with electric motors, especially in the military field. The Monarch project also brought together many experts in the field of the conservation and use of electrical energy.

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