Russian electric car from Zetta will cost 450,000 rubles. How do you like that?

The company Zetta announced sales of budgetan electric car produced in Russia, which in the basic configuration will cost the buyer 450,000 rubles (about $ 7,000 for the current one). It will be a small three-door "city-mobile" with electric two or four wheels. About 40% of all production models will be equipped with front-wheel drive. And before you cry, “How do you like it, Ilon Musk,” we add that all the components are Russian-made. In addition to the battery - it makes GE Power Technology, China.

How to make electric cars in Russia

Despite the fact that the electric car will be "our"by 99%, in monetary terms, the Chinese engine will be half the cost of an electric vehicle. In December 2019, the company will present about ten experimental samples in series and will begin sales. Next year it is planned to produce 2,000 cars, and then increase this number to 15,000 cars per year. In this case, the assembly will carry no more than 200 people.

Zetta electric cars have been developed since 2016; in 2017 showed a prototype. Then they designed the conveyor and built it in 2019. Collect Zetta will be in production in Togliatti.

Declared specifications in one list:

  • Dimensions: 1600 × 3030 × 1760 mm
  • Battery type: LiFePO4 or Li-NiCoM
  • Battery Capacity: 10-32 kW / h
  • Mileage on one charge: 200−560 km (depending on battery capacity)
  • Curb weight: 486−708 kg (depending on the battery capacity).
  • Total torque: front-wheel drive - 1050 Nm, four-wheel drive - 1750 Nm.
  • Maximum speed: 120 km / h (limited by the controller).
  • The size of the trunk: 180 liters.
  • Brake system: dual-circuit (electrical + mechanical), ABS and ESP systems.
  • Heating system: in stock.
  • Air conditioning: available.
  • Keyless access: available.

You can charge "from the outlet"

Why 450 000 rubles, you ask? Largely because of serious state support: the Ministry of Industry and Trade supported R & D, and the monotowns development fund helped with mass production: total investment in the project amounted to about 450 million rubles.

“Now the preparation for production is completed on70%, before the end of the year should be completed, if there is no financial difficulties. In August, the car should already go for certification, by September-October - to go through it, and from December to start selling. It will be already serial cars. All validation tests of the car have already passed, ”says Zetta CEO Denis Shurovsky.

What market is waiting for compact electric cars Zetta? First of all, the budget is to compete with AvtoVAZ in the field of the local car industry; in the second, almost no one makes electric cars in Russia. According to Shchurovsky, more than half of the cars will be exported. Interest has already shown several Russian companies and a major player in the automotive market in Kazakhstan. Zetta plans 50% of export sales: these are the United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Kuwait and several North African countries.

It is not clear how to charge electric cars onthe periphery and who will ride the Zetta, for example, in Moscow. Today, for 450,000 rubles, you can buy quite a good car, if it is used, and in extreme cases, take Ravon Nexia for 449,000 rubles (not advertising). Or, if you do not go far, something like Lada Granta. However, until 2020–21, when Zetta plans to expand production by 100%, a lot can change in people's attitudes towards the gasoline smoking and smoking iron brothers.

In the meantime - get some air ... How are you SUCH, Ilon Musk? Come to our chat room in Telegram if you are in charge of Tesla.