Russian developers have created an instant messenger with AI based on Telegram

Until recently, artificial intelligencefound its use only in research and, if I may say so, the "household" aspects of our life. But now it is increasingly possible to hear that AI is being integrated into various spheres - from military to social. And if for obvious reasons we know not so much about the first, then artificial intelligence has already gained widespread use in communication. So, Russian developers have created an instant messenger with an integrated AI.

AiGram Messenger is an application inthe basis of which was taken by API Telegram and supplemented by its support of artificial intelligence technologies. The latter is implemented in the form of neurobots: this is how the developers called special communication assistants who can create chat messages on your behalf and support conversations in different formats and styles. In other words, these are “intermediaries” between the AI ​​and the correspondence. While artificial intelligence analyzes the style and context of the conversation, the neurobot offers you ready-made phrases, in its own style and character, to respond to the message in the chat.

Since the basis of the new messenger was takenTelegram, it does not store any data about users, especially correspondence. The registration and messaging service is completely hosted on Telegram servers and belongs to it. This also made it possible to implement the interface for using neurobots in the most convenient way - it is somewhat similar to the stickers we are familiar with. It is enough to switch to a special tab in the typing window to gain access to the neurobots.

The suggested answers are sometimes surprising: it may be a clever saying of Confucius, and Churchill's bit hilarious, but sharp phrase. A part of the neurobots is available for free, another can be bought with the help of in-built purchases. Frequently phrases are very accurate in correspondence - this is where you understand the power and capabilities of artificial intelligence. If the incoming message is not suitable for a specific neurobot, then it simply will not offer you its own phrase for an answer, so it’s better to install not one, but several at once. The more different neurobots will be used in your chat rooms, the more types of messages they will be able to cover with their unique phrases.

Android version (left) and iOS version (right)

An important plus of AiGram is the application, as well asTelegram, cross-platform, that is available for both iOS and Android. This allows you to use an instant messenger with an integrated AI on any device, without losing your social circle and the usual quality of Telegram, including communication in our Telegram-chat. I would like, perhaps, that the users themselves could create and publish their neurobots in the application - it would be even more interesting. For now, the neurobots created by the developer are available.

Various systems of artificial intelligence already know how to do such things, that it’s time to think that the plot of the Terminator film is not such a fantasy.