Russian company announced the production of humanoid robots

Private Russian companymanufacturer of standalone service robots Promobot, announced the start of sales of robots with a human appearance. The company launched the mass production of companion robots that are capable of copying human facial expressions. So, they are able to move their eyes, eyebrows, mouth and other synthetic “muscles”, which in itself is a very entertaining fact. In addition, Promobot claims that the companion robot can not only answer certain questions, but can also be fully integrated into the business process.

The company is able to create a double of a person with absolutely any appearance, which can be used both in professional fields and in everyday life

Russian robots conquer the mass market

Promobot claims to be humanoidthe robot is able to maintain a conversation and copy human emotions, and also has 600 options for facial expression, thanks to the patented latest technology developed by the company. The developers claim that they are able to create a linguistic model based on the popular phrases of a potential customer, so that the robot can communicate similarly to humans.

Creating a companion robot, developersprovided for its use for personal purposes, which is why it can be used as an interlocutor, as well as a personal assistant in the management of smart home systems. The robot was created to facilitate human-machine interaction and is able to replace several employees who have to work in crowded places: robots can work at the post office, in municipal institutions and banks.

Robot representing Alexey Yuzhakov, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Promobot

At the moment, the company has already completed severalorders for the production of a companion robot and continues to negotiate with companies interested in these products. The manufacturer plans to create robots for professional and home use at 10 copies per month.

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Robots are already among us

It is worth noting that robots already live among us. So, the first place in the production of humanoid robots is occupied by the country of the rising sun - Japan. It was there that the robot was designed in the image of a professor at Aalborg University in Denmark, which was created with the aim of studying the so-called effect of mixed presence.

One of the newest Japanese robots looks exactly like this

This android looks as realistic as possible,and the so-called “ominous valley” effect that occurs when a person tries to interact with a robot appears only when the robot moves and gestures. In addition to a realistic professor, scientists have created an incredibly photogenic android girl. She smiles as realistically as possible, frowns and expresses some emotions. The owner of a convincing and friendly smile will be tested in hospitals, as well as during presentations in scientific museums.

Gia-Gia is capable of realistically looking from one person to another; in addition, all the movements of the lips of the android are fully synchronized with her speech

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Following Japan to the relay race to createrobotic girls joined by Chinese engineers. Gia-Jiu was endowed with artificial intelligence, taught to talk, and also to read facial expressions from people. At the same time, her skills are constantly being improved, thanks to which she quickly gained fans and is the most advanced humanoid robot at the moment.