Russian citizens will replace their passport with a mobile application

High tech finally got tobureaucratic standards and will soon be able to provide Russian citizens with an additional degree of freedom. Once again, the intention of the authorities to transfer the citizen identification system to smartphones was confirmed, creating virtual analogues of ID cards, and in some cases passports.

According to the head of the Ministry of Telecommunications and Communications Maksut Shadayevthe ministry is on the way to agreeing on a “big identification block” The official noted that if the user freely pays for the purchase through a smartphone, it is quite logical to open access to protected buildings using the same smartphone, which can replace a passport in many everyday situations.

Translation of identity documents inthe digital form is one of the stages in the development of interaction between citizens and the state in the framework of the Digital Economy program. In the near future, within the framework of the project, a digital workbook will be tested.

Source: businessman