Russian banks require customers to provide biometrics (2 photos)

Using the formal clause to combatmoney laundering, some Russian banks have begun to require the provision of biometric data from their clients without fail. Meanwhile, the Central Bank explains that biometric data is transferred on a voluntary basis, at the request of the client.

Bank depositors state that when openingDebit cards are required to be photographed, and deposits cannot be opened without a photo. Such applications were received from the clients of Otkritie FC Bank, Post Bank and other financial institutions.

According to bank representatives, the collectionBiometric data is conducted to combat money laundering, and the financing of terrorism. Under the law, banks are entitled to independently choose the method of identifying customers. Another reason to collect additional data is to combat fraud, by creating a database of photos. Also, lawyers of banks refer to contracts that customers sign when opening an account. Standard contracts provide a procedure for identifying a client by photo. Therefore, taking the conditions of service, citizens agree to take photographs.

On the other hand, lawyers say that banks canrefuse customers who do not provide biometric data, only in services for remote maintenance. If a citizen came to the bank with a passport, the financial institution should provide all the services available during personal communication between the client and the bank.