Russia will show the first tank printed on a 3D printer. In real scale

Over the past few years, 3D printing has donebig leap forward: now this technology helps to quickly heal serious bone injuries and restore human organs even without a formative basis. But how do you fully print on a 3D printer tank?

To the Fifth International Military-Technicalto the Army-2019 forum, Uralvagonzavod will manufacture the latest Russian T-90MS completely using 3D printing, Interfax reports. The developers promise an exact copy of the armored vehicle (except for the fact that it will not be able to shoot). Although it would be fun.

The present version of the T-90MS is equipped with a newthird generation dynamic protection, with which protection is possible from all sides. Through the use of a turbo diesel tank accelerates quickly, and the engine and transmission are synchronized using a special computerized complex. Now it is one of the breakthrough developments in the field of Russian tank construction.

In 2012, enthusiasts were able to create the first3D printable weapon available. The rifle called Wiki Weapon consists of 12 parts. In the whole structure of the Wiki Weapon, there is only one metal part - the hammer, everything else can be printed out from ABS plastic. True, at the same time, the government decided to impose restrictions on the use of 3D printers in order to prevent the appearance of “dangerous” weapons.

In early June, it became known that the US will openThe first factory for autonomous 3D printing of space rockets. Using 3D printing technology, Relativity wants to reduce the number of missile parts from 100,000 to 1,000. An agreement with the US Air Force on launching such missiles was obtained in early 2019. So the advanced use of 3D printing for military purposes is just a matter of time.

There is only one thing - a gun, completelymade of plastic, will become invisible to metal detectors. And it is unlikely to be safe. What do you think about this? Write in our Telegram-chat.