Russia will introduce total state control over phone calls

Constant increase in crimecommitted by fraudsters using telephones, as well as the growing volume of advertising mailing via telephone numbers, forcing regulators and public organizations in Russia to take unpopular and often unexpected measures.

Professional User Associationsocial networks and instant messengers (APPSIM) of the Russian Federation proposes to introduce new security measures in the fight against spam and scammers, which will lead to total control by state bodies of all telephone traffic in the country.

The head of APPSIM believes that every call,carried out in Russia by telephone must be uniquely identified by assigning it a digital certificate with an encryption system. The development and implementation of this proposal should be undertaken by the Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS). A digital fingerprint will track every phone call in the Russian Federation.

Such a measure, according to the head of the Associationis a response to the use by criminals of new methods of deceiving customers of banking institutions, when fraudsters appear to be bank employees and receive personal data of clients.