Russia will create the spacecraft "Soyuz" for flights to the moon

Russia will create a modified versionspacecraft "Soyuz-MS", which will be used for flights to the moon. The head of "Roscosmos" Dmitry Rogozin in early January, said that the American colleagues from NASA asked the Russian side to create a suitable ship for flights to Earth satellite. Roscosmos has decided to develop, reports RIA Novosti, but it will be conducted without the financial participation of the American side.

The fact that the use of "Soyuz" for manned missions to the moon, until the new spacecraft "Federation" is ready, the head of the Russian state corporation reported last summer.

In an interview with Russia24, Rogozin noted that Roscosmos had made the final decision to restore the lunar program.

"In 2021, we ship the first spacethe apparatus to the moon. The following vehicles - Luna-25, Luna-26, Luna-27 - will fly respectively in 23-25 ​​years. This will include the development of landing and take-off technologies from the lunar surface, ”the head of Roscosmos commented.

According to information available to the RIA News agency,the creation of a "lunar" modification of the "Union" will require a whole range of activities. So, it is necessary to develop a new upper stage capable of sending a new ship to the Moon. In addition, the need to create a new thermal protection apparatus. Without it, the device will not be able to return to the earth’s atmosphere, slowing down from the second cosmic velocity (11.2 kilometers per second). It will be necessary to rework the electronics and the power supply system of the ship, communication systems and life support systems. Installation of stellar sensors, a manual control system, an evaporative system, additional engines and oxygen cylinders is also planned.

According to preliminary estimates, read moreIn 2017, the cost of the modification of the "Union" under the lunar program could reach $ 500 million. The truth then it was only about the preparation of the vehicle for flying around the satellite, but not about its landing on the surface.

According to earlier TASS data,Referring to their source in the rocket and space industry, Roscosmos and RSC Energia have already begun to work out the concept of a new transport system for manned flights to the lunar orbit. The ship is planned to be sent to the satellite from the ISS orbit. It will consist of a special version of the Soyuz spacecraft and the upper stage.

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