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Russia will create military mini-drones the size of a dragonfly

We talked about a variety of militarydrones that are developed and created in Russia. They can be both very small, such as loitering shells, and large ones, like the “Hunter”, which is comparable in weight and size to a modern fighter. However, miniature drones, as, for example, in the US army, are not yet available. But it seems that Rostec engineers want to correct the situation. According to company representatives, in the future, the development of aircraft that will fit in your pocket. Due to this size, such reconnaissance drones have a lot of advantages and can significantly increase the effectiveness of combat units. We offer to understand in more detail what these drones are and what tasks they can perform.

Rostec announced the development of military mini-drones

Russian military drone - what it will be

I must say that the idea of ​​​​creating small dronesfor Rostec is not new. Even 6 years ago, it was reported that the United Instrument Corporation began testing drones that fit in the palm of your hand. These devices were analogues of the Norwegian devices Black Hornet (“Black Hornet”).

The Black Hornet is an apparatushelicopter type, whose weight is only 16 grams. Despite such ultra-compact dimensions, these drones have quite “adult” equipment. After such a device was captured by the Syrian military in 2020, it became known that it has a thermal imager and two optical full-function cameras on board.

Rostec announced the development of military mini-drones

Black Hornet equipment provideshigh-quality picture even at night, since all three channels are combined into one at once. The result is high image clarity and fidelity, allowing operators to effectively locate targets of military interest.

As for the past developments of Rostec, nowhether they had such equipment. The fact is that no more information about these drones has been received at all. It is possible that difficulties arose during the testing phase. Now the company announces the beginning of the development of new devices. Whether these will really be new drones, or engineers will improve the old ones, is still unknown. In addition, the company does not say when the new drones will appear and what they will be called.

Mini drones and their applications

The development of mini-drones in different countries is underwayfor a long time. The fact is that such devices have a lot of advantages. Unlike conventional copters, they are almost invisible. As a result, they can adjust the fire without the risk of being shot down. They can also monitor the enemy and transmit intelligence in real time.

Norwegian drones Bkack Hornet weigh only 16 grams

Devices can be used in situations wheretraditional copters cannot be used. For example, they can fly into a building captured by terrorists and perform reconnaissance. I must say that even visually such a drone can be confused with a large dragonfly.

Since drones are compact, the military cancarry literally in your pocket, and at the same time run at any time when it is needed. Therefore, the US and British military are already using such drones. In addition, similar devices are available in the Chinese army. The mass of the Chinese drone "Hummingbird" is slightly higher than the Norwegian counterpart - 35 grams. But, in any case, it is a compact and lightweight device that fits in the palm of your hand.

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Disadvantages of mini drones

Small drones, although they have a largenumber of advantages, they cannot replace such reconnaissance drones as Orlan. The fact is that due to their compact size, they cannot travel long distances. At the same time, their speed of movement is relatively low, and the flight time is also very limited.

For this reason, their scope is not large.For example, unlike larger drones, miniature drones cannot carry charges. Accordingly, they cannot be used as strike drones or kamikaze drones, similar to the Lancet and Cube.

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According to some experts, mini-drones are unlikelyit will turn out to be used during large-scale hostilities, when the warring parties use armored vehicles, MLRS and other heavy weapons. True, the Black Hornet has already been used in Syria, but it is quite possible that this was an experimental use of them in order to understand how they will show themselves. I must say that the use of such drones was not noticed during the hostilities in Ukraine. This once again confirms that small flying vehicles are relevant only in local operations.