Russia teams up with China to build a lunar station

Space Race to Explore NaturalEarth's satellite Moon is gaining momentum. In contrast to the American international project Gateway, the two space powers China and Russia will create their own space station in circumlunar orbit.

Space agencies of Russia and China announced onthis week on the signing of an agreement on the development, design, construction and joint operation of the "International Scientific Lunar Station" in the orbit of the moon. Negotiations on cooperation between the countries continued for several months, and after the decision of Roscosmos on the inexpediency of participating in the NASA Gateway program, an agreement was signed to create its own space station.

The plans of China and Russia include placement onstation operating in the lunar orbit scientific equipment for research and experiments. At the same time, the station will operate in unmanned mode, but in the future, "the prospect of a man's presence on the moon" is envisaged.

China is also in talks with the Frenchspace agency CNES to test the possibility of bilateral cooperation in the exploration of the Moon and Mars. The refusal of Russia to supply an airlock for Gateway and the announcement of plans to work with China was commented on by NASA, noting that plans to launch the station in 2028 remain unchanged, and "other options" will be sought for equipment suppliers.

Source: theverge