Russia risks remaining without satellite Internet

Numerous foreign companies are activelypromote the idea of ​​creating a global Internet that fully covers all countries and continents. In this direction, the projects of the companies OneWeb and Starlink (Ilon Musk) have advanced further. The latest decisions of the Russian government can leave Russia on the sidelines of the technological revolution in the information sphere. Each satellite operator will be required to install ground-based complexes that will monitor the received and transmitted information to protect the national security of the Russian Federation. In addition, all operators will have to go through the registration procedure in the FSB and FSO.

Currently in the global global marketInternet works more than 150 companies. The system for obtaining permits from Russian officials for satellite telecom operators lasts up to 15 months, and the creation of ground-based complexes will also require considerable material costs, according to experts, estimated at billions of dollars.

However, these satellite internet problemsRussia will not end. Even Russian operators will have to face difficulties. For example, at the moment in the event of a breakdown or the onset of a maintenance period for Russian satellites, companies could rent satellites of foreign operators. The procedure takes about 10 days. Obligatory registration of such a fact in the FSB and obtaining a permit will take more than a year.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Communications, which prepared the draftThe law considers that the approval process will take no more than a month, and in the event of a satellite breakdown, operators will be able to use the lease of the vehicles that are already authorized by the State Radio Frequency Commission on December 11, 2006.