Russia plans to carry tourists around the moon since 2022

Russian RSC Energia plans to 2021-2022To present in the international tourist market an exclusive service on the lunar flyby on the Soyuz spacecraft. Already, the SP Rocket and Space Corporation. The Queen is developing the project, but before sending the first earthlings to the natural satellite of the Earth, it will be necessary to conduct two successful launches in a row. “The flight of the moon by space tourists can take place 5-6 years after the conclusion of the contract. Conditions are currently being discussed with potential candidates, ”said Vladimir Solntsev, director general director of RSC Energia.

“A two-trigger scheme will be used whenone launch into orbit displays the Soyuz spacecraft, and the second, the upper stage DM with an additional sealed compartment. They are joined, then the DM block provides momentum for the flyby of the Moon. The fuel of the Soyuz apparatus in this case will be used to correct the ballistic trajectory, ”added Solntsev.

It also became known that tourist flights toISS can resume. RSC Energia intends to conclude a contract with a company that will provide such services. One of the candidates for cooperation proposed an agreement on nine tourist seats in the "Unions", which is supposed to be implemented until 2021.

Source: RIA News