Russia is developing a tourist spaceplane

Russia is developing a suborbitaltourist spaceplane. About this in an interview with journalists from the RIA Novosti news agency at the Russian Investment Forum in Sochi, held February 14-15, said Alexander Begak, general designer of the NPO "Aerospace Technologies". The interviewee clarified that several Russian enterprises were involved in the development of the spaceplane.

The source explained that the development of the Russian spaceplane, known as the Selena Space Yacht, began two years ago, however, it was reported for the first time just now.

The concept of using a spaceplane in general will besimilar to the one used by the American company Virgin Galactic, which is owned by British billionaire Richard Branson. According to the idea, the Russian apparatus will be able to take off into the air like an airplane, taking off from ordinary airfields. When reaching the suborbital altitude of 120-140 kilometers, the device will reach a maximum speed of 3.5 Mach (4176 kilometers per hour). After a few minutes of flight and a state of weightlessness, the spaceplane with passengers will begin to re-enter the atmosphere at a speed of Mach 0.85 (1000 kilometers per hour) and land at the aerodrome, also like an ordinary plane.

"We have the opportunity to land on anythe airfield, the device lands as an airplane ... We are now counting on the optimal time spent in space, a comfortable flight path, as experience shows that people do not have to be in weightlessness for 10 minutes, ”commented Alexander Begak.

It is planned to create three copies of the spaceplane. Each of them will have six seats for passengers. The vehicles will be unmanned, however, pilots will be present to ensure the peace and convenience of the passengers.

"Inside will be a specialist pilot, butHe will not manage the ship. This is due to the fact that people are comfortable, knowing that there is a pilot on board, and after entering the atmosphere, people will be congratulated on this event, ”explained Begak.

The estimated cost was also reported.pleasure. Admire the beauty of the Earth and feel the effect of weightlessness on yourself will cost 200-300 thousand dollars per person. By the way, the company Virgin Galactic will offer its customers a two-hour flight at a suborbital altitude of more than 100 kilometers. For this they will ask about 250 thousand dollars. It is also known that the first tourist flight of the SpaceShipTwo spacecraft from Virgin Galactic with passengers on board is planned to be carried out by March 2019. One of the passengers of this flight will be the head of Virgin Galactic Richard Branson.

Information about when the first flight of the Russian tourist space plane will take place, the source did not specify.

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