Russia has developed a "smart" ball for blind athletes (2 photos)

The electronic ball "Soundball" for the blind differs from all existing analogues in the continuity of sound. It can be found at any time during the game, even during a complete stop.

"Smart" ball was developed in a non-profitSensor-Tech laboratories, which create technologies for people with disabilities and the first neuroimplants in Russia for the complete restoration of hearing and vision. The work on the ball was supported by the Federation of Blind Football Players and the Presidential Grants Foundation.

In order for blind players to hear the ball inany moment of the game, the engineers placed special sensors and electric motors inside. As soon as the ball stops, they start making loud noises. Charging is enough for 2 hours of active play.

“Usually football players played with a ball with “rattles”inside. Of course, you can hear him during an active game, but as soon as he rolls somewhere on the field, a problem appears. Blind guys can't find him. We really missed the smart ball,” said Nikolay Beregovoy, President of the Federation of Blind Football Players of Russia.

“We have been working on the ball for about two years.We regularly tested each version with blind players, listened carefully to their wishes and assessments. As a result, we got a handy gadget that our teams will use both in training and in games,” said Denis Kuleshov, Director of the Sensor-Tech Laboratory.

“Sport always plays a unifying role, and especiallyimportant for the rehabilitation of visually impaired people. WOC is closely following new technologies for the blind. We will definitely help with the introduction of a “smart” ball for the blind throughout our large country,” said Vladimir Sipkin, President of the All-Russian Society of the Blind.

“We always support interesting initiativesour subsidiaries. "Smart" ball for blind athletes is an important story in the socialization of blind and deaf-blind people. They, like us, should have all the opportunities for a fulfilling life, including playing their favorite sport,” said Natalia Sokolova, Executive Director of the So-edinenie Foundation for the Support of the Deaf and Blind.

A "smart" ball does not differ in size and shape from a regular one. The blind can use it for all kinds of games - from football to goalball.

The Sensor-Tech laboratory has also developed special sensors for football goals for the blind. The system allows a blind player to hear the sound of the goal post and crossbar.

Source: Sensor-Tech press release