Russia has developed a mobile electrocardiograph for telemedicine

The Russian enterprise NIMP ESN has completedcertification and at the beginning of 2023 launches the production of an expert-class electrocardiograph "MYOCARD-25", equipped with a touch screen with the ability to enter patient data and control the quality of the ECG before printing on the built-in thermal printer.

The device runs on its own softwaresoftware, and one of the modified Linux distributions is used as the operating system (this allows you to add other programs if necessary). The new electrocardiograph has the function of sending data over a wireless network.

It should be especially noted that "MYOCARD-25" allowswith an accuracy of up to 99%, perform automatic data analysis and issue recommendations for various situations, including the need for urgent hospitalization. The developers also provided for the mode of operation of the bedside monitor with real-time monitoring of all rhythm and conduction disturbances, which is necessary for the doctor during resuscitation at home or in an ambulance. The mass of the device is less than 2 kg, and the built-in high-capacity batteries allow it to work for a long time without recharging. In addition to civilian doctors, the novelty will find its customers in military doctors and in disaster medicine.

We add that the NIMP ESN enterprise has been operating since 1991 and specializes in the development of electrocardiographs and software for medical equipment.

Source: technoomsk