Russia has created a phone with quantum encryption for 30 million rubles

Major financial companies and intelligence agencies are extremelyThe security of confidential information is important, therefore all data channels should be reliably protected. In China, quantum encryption technology is actively used for this purpose - in 2017, the country managed to conduct a secure communication session between Beijing and Vienna, at a distance of 7.5 thousand kilometers. The technology is slowly penetrating into Russia - the Infoteks company has created an IP phone, which also protects data using quantum technologies.

The device is called ViPNet QSS Phone -It is intended for large companies and costs 30 million rubles. The package includes one unit for creating and storing encryption keys, and two phones. A quantum phone has one major drawback - the distance between interlocutors can not exceed 15 kilometers.

How does quantum encryption work?

The developers claim that this type of encryptioncompletely eliminates the possibility of data interception. The fact is that photons are used to transmit information in this phone, and if a third person connects to the network, they will certainly change their state, signaling a burglary. For each of the interlocutors, a random set of numbers is generated, after the exchange of which both parties create a common key. It is considered extremely reliable, so all traffic is encrypted using it.

The first quantum phone in Russia

Start of mass production of a quantum phonescheduled for the end of 2019. Due to the high cost, only very large organizations can afford it - the manufacturer has already started offering phones for testing to some potential buyers. According to Infotex, Sberbank is among them, but company representatives did not comment on this statement.

The development of a quantum phone was allocated700 million rubles, 140 million of which was provided by the Ministry of Education and Science. The very idea of ​​quantum telephone encryption is not new - millions of dollars in the development of such technology at one time let China. Ultimately, the Asian country began to be considered a leader in the field of quantum encryption.

In 2018 to test the quantumencryption began and Rostelecom. Representatives of a digital services provider explained that the technology may be of interest to special services and financial companies, in data centers of which extremely important data are stored that need reliable protection.

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