Russia has begun to develop a space washing machine

In Energia Rocket and Space Corporation (RSC"Energy") began to develop a special washing machine, designed for use in space conditions. The report says that the installation is designed with the calculation of future long-term manned missions to the Moon, as well as other interplanetary expeditions.

Unfortunately, no technical detailsThe project has not yet reported. However, it is obvious that the technology of water recycling and reuse will be involved in the space washing machine. Last in space is the same luxury as in the desert. The need to waste a valuable resource within such manned missions will result in the need to increase the amount of payload needed, which in turn will result in an increase in the cost of the entire mission.

"For future lunar expeditions and otherinterplanetary spacecraft at RSC Energia began to develop a special space washing machine, ”according to a published video of the corporation, which also tells about the SIRIUS project aimed at simulating a flight to the Moon.

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Recall that the second experimentproject SIRIUS. It is conducted by the Institute of Biomedical Problems of the Russian Academy of Sciences. This time the isolation of the “crew” consisting of 5 people will last for four months. As part of the experiment, it is planned to carry out a simulated “flight” to the Moon, choose a place for the future construction of the settlement and base, and then “return” back to Earth. In the future, even longer isolation experiments are planned.

According to the publication "RIA Novosti", plansRussian experts in the creation of a space washing machine was reported earlier. In particular, such information is contained in the documentation of the Research and Design Institute of Chemical Engineering (NIIkhimmash). At the same time, the document notes that one of the priority tasks in designing such a system is the introduction of technologies for processing water from urine.

In addition, RSC Energia plans to orderdevelopment of an advanced space vacuum cleaner. The device will be able to absorb dust, hair, threads, liquid drops and food crumbs, sawdust, etc. For testing the device, they are going to use it on board the International Space Station (ISS). But in the future, a space vacuum cleaner as well as a washing machine can be in great demand when performing space flights to deep space, as well as on inhabited bases on the Moon and beyond, whose design is already underway.

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