Russia has banned the sale of 61 models of Samsung smartphones

Samsung faced problems with the sale of smartphones in connection with the claim of the Swiss company Sqwin SA regarding copyright infringement when using the Samsung Pay payment platform.

The story began in July when the court forbadeSamsung Electronics and its Russian representative office Samsung Electronics Rus Company LLC use devices in Russia that support Samsung Pay. The first decision of the court did not stipulate specific models of Samsung smartphones that were banned for import and sale in Russia.

After the plaintiff filed a petition in August forclarifying the decision, the Moscow Arbitration Court determined on October 19 this year a specific list of Samsung smartphones prohibited for import and sale in Russia. The list includes 61 models, starting with the Samsung Galaxy J5 smartphone released in 2017 and ending with the top-end Samsung Galaxy Z Flip and Samsung Galaxy Fold devices.

The Swiss company Sqwin SA isthe rightholder of the patent for the invention of the "Electronic Payment System", patented by the Swiss citizen Viktor Gulchenko in April 2019 with the effective date of the patent from December 2, 2013. The Samsung Pay payment platform was launched in 2015, and in Russia it has been operational since 2016. Samsung Pay is used by 17% of Russians, and it is the third most popular in Russia, behind Google Pay and Apple Pay, which, in turn, may also be subject to a claim from Sqwin SA.

Source: ria