Runet all the same will be disconnected from the World Wide Web (2 photos)

Any major political decisions are required.affect the lives of ordinary people. Thus, the sanctions and statements by Western countries led to the development by the Russian authorities of measures designed to ensure the stability of the state in the development of the situation not in the best way. Among such steps is the “sovereign Internet” bill. Many experts actively criticize it, not accepting and not understanding the point in disconnecting from the world wide web. The authors of the law explain that the point is not to disconnect, but to prepare for such a probability. There are fears that Russia may be turned off from the outside.

Numerous online services too muchdepend on connecting to the world wide web. In case of disconnection from it, they will cease to function. Losses, and not only financial ones, will be huge. That is why we are convinced that it is precisely in such a case that large-scale exercises are planned in the near future. After a couple of weeks, the entire country will be disconnected from the global Internet for a while. At the same time, they will simply try to find out how the domestic segment of the global network will function in complete isolation from it, according to MIT Technology Review. This will be done, according to the publication, on the basis of the draft law on the sovereign Internet in the Russian Federation adopted by the State Duma only in the first reading.

The main problem is in the technology of DNS-addressing. Almost all the servers that are responsible for the correctness of its operation are located in America. However, their “mirrors” appeared in Russia, that is, exact copies. It is possible that in the process of the exercise, Internet providers will be charged with using only certain exchange points. However, as the survey showed, many of the providers do not plan to participate in these exercises, because the current legislation in no way obliges them to do so. At the same time, Western analysts are confident in the inconsistency and impracticability of what was intended by the Russian authorities.