Rules for pre-installation of domestic software on foreign computer equipment softened

For importers and retailers implementingcomputer equipment, there are quite stringent requirements for mandatory pre-installation of software developed in Russia. Only in this case, the legal sale of imported devices on the territory of the Russian Federation is possible.

However, now taking into account the needs andthe interests of Russian users, while maintaining the competitiveness of domestic software manufacturers, the Ministry of Communications and Mass Media has developed some changes to existing legislation.

Henceforth, the main role in determining the needPre-installation of the Russian software is transmitted to consumers, who in this case should be guided by the economic feasibility and relevance of the software. It establishes a minimum set of programs of Russian manufacturers, which includes search engines, antivirus programs, navigation applications, instant messengers and social networks. The similar programs of foreign developers pre-installed at the manufacturer’s factory remain.

For the final approval of the new rules inOn Wednesday, July 31, the Analytical Center under the Russian Government will hold hearings to which, however, representatives of major computer equipment manufacturers, such as Apple, Samsung, Huawei, Google, Philips, affiliated to the Association of Trading Companies and Manufacturers of Electrical and Electronic Equipment, were not invited.

Experts believe that some vendorstechnically will not be able to pre-install Russian programs, and for some such a condition would be associated with high economic costs. Meanwhile, if there is a steady demand among Russian customers for domestic applications, some companies independently install such software.

Source: Kommersant