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Ruins of 700-year-old palace found in British pensioner's garden

British pensioner Charles Pole hadserious problem. Recently, the ruins of a 700-year-old palace were discovered in his garden, and archaeologists intend to excavate and carefully study the structure. A man would probably have treated the find of an ancient building well, only now the discovery was made right during the construction of a small bungalow, in which the pensioner eventually wanted to completelymove over after selling a large house. Construction was stopped and clearly will not continue at the same place, because hardly anyone would dare to take the palace out of the ground and move it to another place. A lot of information has already accumulated about the current situation, so let's figure out what kind of palace the builders managed to find and how will the pensioner's fate be in the future?

Place of discovery of an ancient palace

Bungalow Is a one-story single-family house with a flatroof and veranda. As a rule, this term is usually understood as small suburban buildings in California and other American states.

Bishop's Palace in Great Britain

The found palace was described in the publicationAncient Origins. A pensioner from the British city of Wiveliscombe decided to sell his large house and start living in a modest bungalow. He decided to build a new structure in his garden, next to the house. The builders began digging the ground to erect the foundation, but almost immediately stumbled upon the ruins of an ancient building. It was decided to call archaeologists to assess the find.

The ruins of the palace and the tools of the archaeologists

The researchers immediately understood what they were dealing with.They already knew that somewhere in this area 700 years ago there was a local bishop's palace. For your reference, a bishop is a priest of the highest rank. According to historical documents, in this territory at that time this position was occupied by John de Drockensford and Ralph Shrewsbury. It is believed that the city of Wiveliscombe was generally a favorite place for bishops.

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History of the ancient palace

Historians believe that the palace stood intactuntil about the 18th century. Over time, it became very obsolete and turned into ruins. Subsequently, an ordinary house was erected in its place and few people remembered about the palace. Earlier, archaeologists found a gate near this place and said with confidence that there is a palace in Viveliscombe. Only where it was located, they did not know exactly. As in many other similar cases, the archaeological discovery was made during construction work. This is a fairly common occurrence - I have already said that during the construction of roads and other structures, something ancient is often discovered. Sometimes these are human bones, studying which you can recreate the faces of their owners.

Scientists can recreate the faces of deceased people. Above gave a link to an article on how they do it

What to do with the found ruins is not clear yet.Most likely, archaeologists will excavate them, because there are clearly a lot of ancient artifacts in this area. To protect the object from damage, the territory will be taken under protection. It goes without saying that the pensioner does not like such prospects.

I was building a garden bungalow for myself becauseplanned to sell the house. When the builders saw the remains, they were ordered to stop work. This came as a big surprise. It was nice to hear that there is something really important at this place. But construction has stopped and I will lose 15,000 pounds (approximately 1.5 million rubles).

Of course, the find of an ancient palace is verycool and important for learning history. But because of this, the man suffers losses and cannot build a home where he wants. It is reported that he will receive large monetary compensation for the alienation of the territory. I would like to believe that this money will be enough to build an even more beautiful bungalow than the pensioner planned.

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Findings like these help scientists learn a lot.interesting about life hundreds of years ago. Sometimes even in the ear of found structures, archaeologists manage to find new rooms. For example, in 2020, a secret room was found inside the huge palace of the Roman emperor Nero. On its walls were found paintings depicting centaurs and other fabulous creatures. However, who lived in this room and what he did as a scientist is still unknown. You can find out more about the secret room and look at the photos at this link.