Rotating magnetic cable can charge any smartphone (3 photos + video)

Users of modern gadgets have long been accustomedto the charging cables that are magnetized to the connector of the smartphone, they have long been available on AliExpress. But the wire that attracts your smartphone to itself, but with a rotating tip that can support the weight of your gadget, is now available on Indiegogo.

The cable is universal because you cancharge any smartphone. Three interchangeable plugs are included with the kit: microUSB, Lightning and USB Type-C. Suitable for your smartphone, you can insert into the connector of the gadget and leave it there on a permanent basis.

Closing the input jack, the plug does not complicateusing a smartphone, but at the same time it will serve as a kind of port plug from the penetration of dust into the gadget If, however, bring the tip of the wire closer to the plug, it will powerfully attract itself to the smartphone by running the charging. The coupler is so strong that the phone can be lifted for this cable. The magnet rotates 180 °, which allows you to connect two gadgets with different connectors.

Rarely meet a man who would not annoythe fact that at the crucial moment he lost his charger. When the cable described by us is not used, it can be fixed in the most accessible place on any metal surface, so that it is always at hand, and the LED indicator allows you to quickly find it even in the dark.

The wire will never be tangled, will not break on a kink - a reliable external braid will prevent this. The length of this accessory is 1.8 meters.
The price of the wire is $ 16 (≈1,050 rubles), for a couple of wires they offer a discount: such a purchase will cost $ 26 (≈1,700 rubles). Order can be made on the site Indiegogо.

Source: indiegogo