Rostelecom offers to lure hackers into traps

Work on improving computer securityA meeting was held by telecommunications systems held by Rostelecom to implement the Digital Economy program. During the discussion, the regulator suggested that operators create special software decoys for hackers to detect, study and neutralize computer intruders.

The author of the proposal is specialistsRostelecom, and such computer traps are called hanotypes, from the English honeypot, which means "a pot of honey." The bait imitates a server with many vulnerabilities, which should attract the attention of hackers and encourage them to penetrate the company’s network. At the same time, all the actions of the attacker are controlled and analyzed by cyber security experts.

According to the statement of Rostelecom statefunding for a program to create traps for hackers is not provided. Telecommunication system operators should be interested in maintaining their own networks and, if the proposed methodology is approved, they will create such handpots on their own. The exact amount needed to create the bait for hackers is not given.

Currently, the concept of RostelecomDiscussed by leading Russian operators. The introduction of such a system will reduce the risk of losing the confidential information of Russians held by telecommunications companies, whose networks, according to experts, have many vulnerabilities

Source: RBC