Rostec announced two exoskeleton models (3 photos)

The introduction of exoskeletons in industry andmedicine will reduce the burden on medical workers conducting hours-long operations and ease the working conditions of workers with heavy loads. Two exoskeleton models proposed by Rostec Corporation were developed by the company's engineers, brothers Maxim and Ivan Skokov, as part of the Vector program.

The main feature of the presented modelsis their modular design, consisting of a soft part that reduces the load on the user's spine and a rigid structure that significantly increases human strength.

According to representatives of Rostec, boththe exoskeleton will be able to solve numerous issues that arise both in medicine and in production. Increases labor productivity with less physical effort of the employee, reduces the risk of injury in many professions.

The use of parts of the first exoskeleton may beaimed at solving a specific problem. So if you use only the “legs” of the device, then the user will be able to relax while sitting without using a chair. The top of the device will help increase employee strength. It is believed that an object weighing 10 kg, the exoskeleton can hold on an outstretched "arm" for as long as desired. The use of additional two manipulators in the upper part of the device as additional “hands” will allow one worker to perform production tasks designed for two workers.

The second type of exoskeletons "Rostec" is intended forfacilitate the work of surgeons during long operations. The spine and hands of the doctor will have less load. According to the results of the Vector program, the corporation has already allocated over 100 million rubles for five teams for the development of its areas.